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Vigilant Life

Living Your Life- Vigilant

As humans, we're born fighters. We fight everyday against gravity just to stand, we fight the elements to create new materials and alloys, and we fight to build something that we can call ours. But we're not just fighters, we're trailblazers. Everyday we get up and take a step against gravity, build something new, and accomplish our goals, we become trailblazers. We here at the Vigilant Life, embrace that trailblazing mentality.

As a trailblazer, you can't settle for mediocrity, you have to keep one step ahead. That's what a Vigilant Life is all about- never settling, always pushing yourself to be better.

If that sounds like you, then join me as I interview other trailblazers in the fields of Fitness, Finance, Relationships, Business, Mentality, and Self-Defense and together we'll all level up in our Vigilant Life.