Ep 3: Battling Ropes and Zoomba For Powerlifters With Aaron Guyett

In this episode, we talk to Aaron Guyett. Aaron is the director of Livin.Fit. He is a fitness expert and reservist Marine. His commitment to learning and training battling rope exercises makes him one of the people living a vigilant life. We will be talking about how you too can live a Vigilant Life. Aaron shares the meaning of embracing the suck, mental games, battling rope movements, and all about Zoomba for powerlifters.

Key Talking Points in the episode

A brief introduction to the episode guest Aaron Guyett How Aaron and I met Aaron's view of life as a military and civilian What it means to embrace the suck and why it is important Aaron talks about the Special Forces experience program and how he joined the group. The physiology and psychology of fitness: playing the mental games and tricking your brain Things to help you stay vigilant in your fitness Understanding the mechanical physics and how it works in the battle rope exercises How to utilize the battling ropes in the fitness industry How Aaron became a battling rope coach Two common movements in the battling rope exercises to work out your shoulders Best good rope finish for enhanced endurance and deal with fatigue Why Zoomba is the key for powerlifters

The importance and benefits of trying

different fitness exercises Aaron explains his twelve-week military program

Where to get a battling rope course free

Resource mentioned: The Special force experience Magical Quotes from the Episode: “I don't wake up and look in the mirror and go: oh how can I follow the path of least resistance today?” “The path of least resistance will get you to stagnation and a lesser version of yourself.” “There are moments where you're embracing the suck for kind of suck shake and that does suck.” “Any life worth living is going to have some suck that's attached to that front end.” “You’ve got to embrace the suck.”

“I have kicked the doors down but I'm not a door kicker.” “The thing that sucks the most is the thing that you need to do most often and get very comfortable with because that's the thing that's going to make you ring the bell or drop on request or whatever it is.” “Do the thing that you liked to do because you're going to do it.” “The smartest thing that I have done with my wife when she asked for training is that I don't train.” “Do the thing that you love to do because you're going to do it consistently and that's going to create far more wins in the long run.” “Whether it's psychological or physiological the only way to microdose it is to do something consistently.” “The more tissue that we can use to create output. The faster our fatigue is going to be in the, and the faster our adaptation and conditioning.” Connect with Aaron Guyett: Website Instagram Twitter

March 23, 2020 — Matthew Holmes
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