Ep 2: Being A Transgender Woman In Sports With Janae Marie Kroc

In today’s episode, we talk with Janae Marie Kroc. Janae is a world record powerlifter, Marine veteran, pharmacist, author, cancer survivor, and now a transgender woman. Her efforts and commitment are transforming the transgender men, women, and athletes around the world. We’ll be having an interesting discussion about the challenges of transgender athletes in the sporting arena.

Janae will be sharing her transition story from a male to a transgender woman and the challenges she is experiencing. Also, she will talk about how media portrays transgender persons, misinformation and disinformation about transgender women, and the exaggeration as well as a barrier they face in sports.

Listen, Learn, and get inspired.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

Getting to know Janae Marie Kroc Janae's challenges and pains in the transgender transformation journey Encountering harassment and mistreatment from sponsors, powerlifters and fans Janae's vision of a Vigilant life What it means to be a transgender

Dating in the transgender world Janae's experience dating a man for the first time The series of surgeries that Janae has undergone on the transition journey Janae's viewpoint on transgenders in sports How CrossFit is helping female in sports Janae study on the testosterone level differences between trans women and normal females athletes The exaggeration and controversy of trans women stories in the sporting arena Reasons why Janae would not compete as a woman How sports rules and regulations are unfavorable to trans athletes and non-trans athletes all over.

March 19, 2020 — Matthew Holmes
Tags: podcast