The Host: Matt Holmes

Matt Holmes is the host of The Vigilant Life Podcast that grew from a love of meaningful conversations that inspire personal growth and change. He wanted to keep exploring and sharing those conversations with people around the world and his podcast was born. With a focus on being better than you were yesterday, Matt embodies a philosophy to stay vigilant and live life with intention.

Matt is a husband and father of seven kids living in a blended family in northern Minnesota. Their family includes a Duth Shepherd/German Shepherd mix service and protection hero named Zeke.

When he’s not interviewing fascinating people with inspiring stories, Matt loves working out, spending more time with family, and exploring the great outdoors throughout the summer months. He claims he’s not a fan of those cold Minnesota winters, but his retreat indoors means even more valuable content for the Vigilant Life community.

Matt is also the founder of the digital marketing agency called HMFIC Marketing, a bespoke Facebook Ads Agency. His team provides "Done for You" ads service and management and strategy for professional services and e-commerce store owners serious about growth. 

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